A just post no-wave Sonic Youth in a 1988 PBS doco which includes cameos from (who else?) John Cale, Bob Bert, Glen Branca, Lenny Kaye and Lydia Lunch.


Elvis Costello offers up a near perfect take on what may end up being his finest tune. In a decade that has seen the beginnings of Thatcher revisionism, lest we forget…

The long missing Durutti Column album is about to meet the world. If anyone asks who? consider yourself well chastened.

I really, really want this: This Ain’t Chicago – UK House and Acid From 87-91

It’s worth the entry price for these two monster tracks alone:

Paul Rutherford – ex-Frankie Goes to Hollywood – lives in the South Island of NZ, Queenstown to be exact, in case anyone cares.

There’s a new Matthew Dear album due on August 7. Listen to the first single, Her Fantasy, here.. I can never quite make up my mind about his pop stuff.

[soundcloud width="650"]http://soundcloud.com/ghostly/matthew-dear_her-fantasy/[/soundcloud]

Andre 3000 kinda looks like Jimi…

Amazing 1983 C4 Ian Dury doco, including extensive interview footage with the legendary Peter Jenner who also managed The Clash and Pink Floyd (and remains a web music visionary), many of the stories that made the recent biopic (this doco clearly provided much of the inspiration for that), and brutally honest words about his disability, the way disabled people are treated, and creativity. I still miss him…

An awful, awful song from NZ popster Ray Columbus, circa 1969, but the video is notable for a) being a New Zealand video from the era – we made very few then, and b) offering up parts of Wellington.

The Impossibles – a Thai funk band from the 70s. Having an audience of 500,000 GIs had its up side… (h/t Mike Allin)


Finally, a legendary mix from Francois K and Larry Levan in Japan in September’92. Recorded from the crowd, it’s both rather raw and – if you put yourself in the crowd – happily intense.

[soundcloud width="650"]http://soundcloud.com/djmixes/larry-levan-and-francois-k-the-harmony-tour-gold-disco-tokyo-japan-sep-1992[/soundcloud]

 Larry Levan

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