Smile Away

Ram On

In a record store in Ponsonby a couple of days back I was buying yet another long player. For no particular reason beyond the fact that I didn’t have it – oh, and it was a numbered limited edition in a white cardboard sleeve devoid of any information and thus desirable – I was buying a mono pressing of Paul & Linda McCartney’s 1971 much acclaimed, although it took a few years, pop masterpiece, Ram.

I have this record – the stereo version that is, as the mono was mostly unreleased until 2012 outside a few South American countries – many times over. I have three New Zealand vinyl pressings (different labels so compulsory purchases), two US versions, two UK vinyl copies, three times on CD, and a Russian copy for good measure. I may also have an Australian copy but who knows for sure…

That’s sad, huh?

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Random Noise 5

This amazing recording of Split Enz (or were they still Ends then?), live inĀ PalmerstonĀ North (!) in July 1975, has just surfaced and is the earliest known live recording of the band. Stranger Than Fiction is – of course – from their first, and, by a margin best, album Mental Notes:

As is Spellbound. I love Spellbound:

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