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Here’s some studio porn from the late, and truly great, Tom Dowd –  a three part tour through the rather (for want of a less cliched word) legendary Criteria Studios in Miami:

A list of the Top 10 John Cooper Clarke poems.

And in case you’ve forgotten it, here’s a very funky Beasley Street, live on UK TV in 1980:

Mojo have followed their excellent albeit bizarre at times (if you’ve never seen it, that Brian Wilson interview on Mike Douglas is fascinating for all the wrong reasons) Beach Boys video compendium with a similar one on the Fab 4, (cheers Chris) focusing on 67/68. It includes this well-fab mini-doco on the making of Yellow Submarine and the often forgotten revolution in animation it stirred up at the time:


If you thought Mike Love was a prick before, read this……

Incidentally most of the claims he makes here about co-authorship of songs were later dismantled in court. Eventually Brian – in a mentally frayed state not least because of his heavily psychotic drugs Dr. Eugene Landy (who was also stripping him at the time) had him on – simply rolled over to make it go away.

And since we are there, this Newsweek story from a week or so ago about the reunion makes pretty intriguing reading:

And then there’s Wilson—always the conduit, the live wire, the pulsing limbic system of the Beach Boys. As his biographer David Leaf once put it, “Brian Wilson’s special magic in the early and mid-1960s was that he was at one with his audience … Brian had a teenage heart, until it was broken.”

At first, Wilson says nothing. Then I overhear him talking to Jardine “We’re 70 fucking years old,” he says. “You’ll be 70 in September. I’ll be 70 in June. I’m worried about being 70.”

“It’s still a few months off,” Jardine says.

“That’s true,” Wilson mutters.

He pauses for a few seconds, looking away from his bandmate. “I want to know how did we get here?” he finally says. “How did we ever fucking get here? That’s what I want to know.”

Here’s grumpy old Dave Dexter, the dude who trashed the early Beatles recordings and albums for Capitol in the US, moaning and grumbling about the band, their lack of talent and their generally unpleasant personalities – ‘cos he sounds like a real bundle of joy:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/48690528" params="auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=ff7700" width="720" height="80" iframe="true" /]

The 15 Best Police Brutality Tunes

Latin vibes-meister Vince Montana conducts the planet’s finest soul orchestra, MFSB – filmed from the horn section.

Random Noise 2

Lawrence Arabia

Have you downloaded the new Lawrence Arabia single yet?

A bizarre hip-hop firestorm from South Korea.

The LCD movie is released on the 18th of July in the US. I guess I’m not the only one excited about this…

An in-depth and hugely readable history of The Fold, one of the more obscure mid 80s Flying Nun acts (although I’m not sure if post-punk is really an appropriate term – that bird had largely flown by the time) out of Auckland.

Who they were, why they didn’t work and what became of their records – and them – is all here. (h/t Michael Upton)

DJ History‘s Bill Brewster in a fascinating Q&A in Auckland

If you’ve never seen it then the BBC’s ace Reggae Britannia is very much worth an hour and half of your time:


Hitler’s Jazz band

John Cooper Clarke in The Guardian

On heroin:

Does he miss it? “Oh yeah, course. A lot of times I remember it as fabulous. But I can’t do that and have the life I have. And I ain’t gonna sink the ship just so I can feel a bit better. If I live ’til I’m 80, I fully intend to reacquaint myself with the world of opiate drugs. I think it’s ideal for the elderly. It should be there for the asking. If you’re over 70, you should be able to go and say, ‘Just give me some diamorphine and I won’t mither you any more.’”