As the first of an infrequent series of guest posts I asked my friend Peter Darlington to offer up a few words and sounds. The idea of these posts is that there is no idea – the writer has a free forum to say whatever they like about whatever they want as long as it relates to this blog’s loose theme: music.

The only curation offered by me is that the writers are people who I think have extraordinary musical taste. Thus…..


Recently, my 17 year old son Tom and I have started a radio show on Nelson’s community station Fresh FM. The show is called Generation Beats and aims to join the musical dots between our generations. Our house has always been filled with music and for a long time my tastes have ventured towards funk, soul and reggae, including dub and various electronica. Tom’s tastes veer more towards big house, electro, drum and bass, and dubstep, but as he’s gone on his own musical journey he’s picking up on the musical roots buried inside the newer tunes he listens to.

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