The Telegraph (yes I know.. ) has a pretty decent interview with the long missing in action Neneh Cherry – her last album was in 1996 – to celebrate / publicise her new longplayer, The Cherry Thing, out next week:

One of her earliest memories is sitting on Miles Davis’s lap backstage in Paris when she was four. “People like that were just friends of the family, uncles and aunts that we’d see when we’d be out walking with Don around Manhattan. We’d always be calling in at Ornette [Coleman]’s house, so it was just everyday life…..

In 1990 Cherry won two Brit Awards and promptly melted one down into jewellery. “I gave a piece to Jazzie B of Soul II Soul,” she reasons with a chuckle, “because I thought he should’ve got a Brit. Neither Buffalo Stance nor Manchild got to number one, but Back to Life was there for 10 weeks or something. It was huge!”

(h/t: Simon Baeyertz)