Random Noise 6

A two and a half hour radio show with John Lydon talking and playing favourites, recorded in the depth of London’s 1977 summer of punk. He’s smart, witty – and has exceptional taste in music:

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I had this strong memory of Split Enz performing on stage at the oft-lamented (although nobody mentions the shitty sight-lines) lost Auckland theatre, His Majesty’s, in December 1974. My reccollection of a gig that changed my life – I’d seen nothing like it in New Zealand before and it opened the door to all sorts of possibilities and eventually the rest of my life – included Phil Judd lying on a deck chair on a stage covered in sand in a recreation of an iconic to the point of cliched End Of The Golden Weather styled New Zealand summer, playing the slightly surreal Titus (drawn lyrically from the Mervyn Peake book of the same name – about as a far from a New Zealand summer as was possible).

As the years passed I was increasingly unsure of my memory. Nobody but me seemed to have any recall of it. I’d even asked Tim Finn in the early 1980s, although he was – as the Enz pop star was then ascendent – disinterested in talking about those times and Phil Judd it seemed. I mentioned it a few years later in a series of interviews I did for the 2003 Give It A Whirl TV series, and – bing – when it went air Mark Everton, the director, had found footage and cut my words in.

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Random Noise 5

This amazing recording of Split Enz (or were they still Ends then?), live in Palmerston North (!) in July 1975, has just surfaced and is the earliest known live recording of the band. Stranger Than Fiction is – of course – from their first, and, by a margin best, album Mental Notes:

As is Spellbound. I love Spellbound:

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