Rocky Horror Picture Show

The above is the publicity shot for the 1978 New Zealand showing of The Rocky Horror Picture show, which featured gilded UK glammer Gary Glitter as lead. On the right is Zero, my flatmate at the time (and still a close friend), also singer for aspiring Enzild punkatroids  The Suburban Reptiles, who were about to a) release the classic Saturday Night Stay At Home, and b) publicly fall apart with some acrimony. The Auckland afterparty was at our flat in Parnell.

Below, she’s in a series of shots taken by the Auckland Star’s photographer, (allegedly so the caption goes) putting on her make up for said show. As the artist formerly known as Jimmy Joy (or was it Lino Clone that week, Jim?) said on a prominent social network: I do like the way Zero starts her make up session – wearing make up.

Zero doing make up

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