A two and a half hour radio show with John Lydon talking and playing favourites, recorded in the depth of London’s 1977 summer of punk. He’s smart, witty – and has exceptional taste in music:

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I had this strong memory of Split Enz performing on stage at the oft-lamented (although nobody mentions the shitty sight-lines) lost Auckland theatre, His Majesty’s, in December 1974. My reccollection of a gig that changed my life – I’d seen nothing like it in New Zealand before and it opened the door to all sorts of possibilities and eventually the rest of my life – included Phil Judd lying on a deck chair on a stage covered in sand in a recreation of an iconic to the point of cliched¬†End Of The Golden Weather¬†styled New Zealand summer, playing the slightly surreal Titus (drawn lyrically from the Mervyn Peake book of the same name – about as a far from a New Zealand summer as was possible).

As the years passed I was increasingly unsure of my memory. Nobody but me seemed to have any recall of it. I’d even asked Tim Finn in the early 1980s, although he was – as the Enz pop star was then ascendent – disinterested in talking about those times and Phil Judd it seemed. I mentioned it a few years later in a series of interviews I did for the 2003 Give It A Whirl TV series, and – bing – when it went air Mark Everton, the director, had found footage and cut my words in.

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