Bobby Womack

Four days back we all thought Bobby Womack was not long for this coil, but happily that’s no longer so it seems.

I’m not sure if this track is really all the better for the Lana Del Rey parts, although the soul giant’s vocals still send shivers four decades after I first heard them, but either way Bobby’s new album is a must own from the evidence here (and the from other track, “Please Forgive My Heart”, leaked earlier):

The Bravest Man In The Universe is released on June 11 on XL and – really – I can’t wait…

In the interim, Bob has a few words on Elvis and Mick:

”People say: ‘What did you think of Elvis Presley?’ I say: ‘He wasn’t s**t. Everything he got he stole.”’


Speaking of Mick, he added: ”Some people never grow up if you give ‘em too much. They gonna be assholes, then they just become a bigger asshole.”

And this last conversation with Marvin:

”The last time I saw him, the day before he died, he said: ‘Bobby, what’s a nigger got to do to get on the cover of Rolling Stone?’ It was all white acts. I said: ‘Die.’.